What we do 
 Support clients in engineering sectors facing complex projects

Clic-360 is an independent company represented by Christian van Eken. In 2016 he started as a self-employed person after working for various companies for nine years. The name Clic-360 originated from the vision for the coherence of data and the systematic approach to projects. By offering a 360-degree perspective from an information management tool, all records are accessible and traceable with a simple action. The bottom line is that no matter how complex and how much data has to be processed to achieve a successful design and implementation, the project becomes manageable and executable with our approach and the right tools.

  • Systems engineering principles based on ISO/IEC 15288 risk
  • management based on the RISMAN method
  • UAV-GC

Christian van Eken

Experienced consultant in the field of Systems Engineering and Risk Management. Studied design management and engineering and applied construction and civil engineering to previous projects. He has an understanding of organizations on both the Client and Contractor sides. This experience is beneficial for both sides when anticipating and understanding each other's interests in a project. His vision is to keep the process simple until such a level that the methodology and its follow-up are understandably acceptable.

In addition to this venture, he recently set up Prestigesailing. With this, he sails across the ocean with his sailboat and charters his boat in exotic locations.


Track 3D also originated from an independent entrepreneur and professional in Systems Engineering and Information Management. Danny van Loon and Josia van Loon work together under the name Track-3D. Where Danny has a lot of experience on projects in the implementation and support in the application of Relatics, Josia is the expert in developing such applications.
In 2018 we started working together and developed a template that works on the Relatics platform. This template is successfully in various projects. Projects in construction, infrastructure and offshore

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