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Immediately deployable system engineering and risk management tools

In cooperation with Track-3D, Clic-360 has developed a template based on Relatics. Relatics is often requested in our sectors and is now used by many companies to perform verifications or even to roll out the entire KAM system of a company across the projects. We have bundled our knowledge and strength and have arrived at the SE template.

This template has a modular structure. If you only want to manage scope management (SBS and WBS) with requirements and verifications, we have our basic SE template for this. If you're going to work on the project with changes, deviations, risks, observations and inspections, the basic SE template can easily be expanded with modules. Our main success factor of the SE template is the "user interface". 

We dare to say that almost all Relatics environments in use have had little or no attention to how the user experiences Relatics. The "experience level" is so important to create support among people in a company or project.


Standardization is applied with the SE template. After project evaluations, feedback improvements to the library to achieve optimization for new projects. It is possible to import standard Data from company or project libraries into the project environment, for example, usual activities, routine inspections for certain activities, and processes with process conditions.

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