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Clic-360 has years of experience in applying systems engineering (SE) and risk management to complex projects.

Systems Engineering
For the construction-, civil-, infrastructure- and the maritime and offshore sector we advise and support managing data and information at various levels within organizations. Clic-360 support organizations to work towards mature information management in a structured way. This will be done interdisciplinary by using the systems engineering approach. In short, this means analyzing the data (contract, specification, stakeholders, etc), creating structure so that mutual relationships become clear, centralizing information so that all parties have access to the same information and the added value by visualizing the information, so that the information becomes useful knowledge that can be controlled by assigned owners.

Systems engineering applied applied to all project phases.

This phase often applies to contractors/organizations that are at the start of developing a product (system). Clic-360 can help you with the function analyses and main aspects and documenting these needs into requirements specifications.


Development & Contracting
The further development of a concept is applied to organizations who want to involve and integrate the knowledge and innovations of specialized suppliers. The top functions and specifications are specified in order to set frameworks for the basic principles that needs to be elaborate by contractors and sub-contractors during the next phase of the development of the product or system. The coherence between parts is further identified and possible risks are documented.

Design & Construct
Contractors are selected for the further development of the project and the Installation, because of the specialism and innovation strength. Contractors must determine the risks and convince the client that they will succeed to deliver the project that fulfill all the needs. The design stage is Iterative-Development Process that needs to be adopted by the contractor and their sub-contractors.

With SE we guide and assist the purchase and installation phase in a structural matter. By doing this we reduce the uncertainly in costs and schedule estimates what we found in the beginning phases of the project. The final detailed requirements are assigned to sub-contractors and their components. During installation all the components are merged till the whole system is established and fulfill all the needs. SE makes this explicit and clear for the client by a test (verification) protocol that is required with delivering of a work package to a sequentially working package or final delivery.