"Ready to Go"-template for systems engineering and riskmanagement

Need a tool for managing your requirements or deliver design specifications, verification reports or registers? Don't want to spend a lot of time, effort and spending money in research, consulting experts, programming and testing over and over a data system while you could start yesterday

This Relatics based template enables you to structure your project information. The backbone of the system lies in the breakdown structures for the system of interest and activities to realize this system. Any type of controlling or supporting list of information can be connected to this backbone. For each of these lists the interface is designed to follow the workflow associated to the type of information. A few of the most relevant lists of information are integrated in the pages of the standard interface.  


The template will be upgraded to the Relatics Environment of your company. The template contains the standard structure and design that is applied to every new project. Meaning that all the projects within the organization are starting from the design. For more information about this read below or contact us.

The template is modular constructed. Meaning the template consist multiple functionalities and each function is controlled / managed in one module. If de project manager or controller is searching for just one of the functionalities that the template can facilitate like requirement management, just one template including one module is needed. 

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